Tuunix Worktime app

Easy to use app for monitoring worktime
For freelancer, entrepreneurs and small companies with multiple employees

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Tuntileimaus Android
Tuntileimaus Iphone iOS Works in a web browser


Lightweight and easy to use service is designed for 1-person companies, professionals and freelancers.
Easy monitoring of work hours ensures that no worktime is forgot and unbilled.
Project reporting and versatile listings makes it easier to track and control project pricing. The service is suitable for both project and billing work.

Small companies

Create a common worktime kiosk from android tablet on the inbound of the office or production facilities!?
Multiple user levels, such as salespeople, can count their hours later when office workers must key it in real time. Project tracking and payroll listing is very well suited for small companie's needs


Tuunix worktime is most suitable for freelancers, office workers, Industrial companies, as well as to other companies whose staff is most often able to make the start and end event of work, either from a desktop computer or from a mobile device. Of course, it is also possible to create the worktime event afterwards.


The easier way to record worktime.

Tuunix Worktime is a simplified service that makes it easy to record worktime.
                 This way, no time will be left without charging, and no wages will be left without paid on time.

Service Features solutions and benefits

Cloud service

Runs in a Google's reliable cloud-servers


Every connection is secured trough ssl (https)

Works with mobile devices

Phones, tablets, iOS, Android

Works with PC and Mac

In a browser, no install of apps

Ready to use

Easy, does not require expensive consultation

Free to try

No credit card needed, no large investments

Time punching

Starting and ending a worki with a few clicks (so-called time card)

Project-specific monitoring

Worktime is always recorded for projects

Payroll transfer

The service provides easy payroll calculations

Multiple user levels

Power users can also log in hours afterwards

Presence display

Real-time presence display tells who is at work


Project-specific tracking makes it easy to create billing attachment report

Unpaid hours tracking

For example, an way to track flextime

Affordable worktime kiosk

Android tablet can easily be used as a multi-user worktime kiosk

Comprehensive reports

Worktime listings are easy to use and comprehensive

Realtime tracking

When the work time is recorded immediately, all the reports can be used without delays

Want more information about the features?
Watch the video for using with mobile device. The video does not include demonstrating the functionality of a management interface, such as invoice listing and payroll listings


Simple pricing - No start up fees of thousands of dollars!
In addition, the first month free of charge!

We reserve the rights to alter prices. Rates may differ from the payment channel and the method of payment
(Stripe / Prepay invoicing / e-commerce / mobile / credit transfer, etc.)


10 € / month

  • One user
  • 30 projects
  • Full features
  • First month for free
  • Email and phone support


25 € / month

  • Three users
  • 50 projects
  • Full features
  • First month for free
  • Email and phone support


90 € / month

  • 10 users
  • 200 projects
  • Full features
  • First month for free
  • Email and phone support

Prices are VAT. 0% and when the service is paid for one year ahead. However, you can test the service for one month without any commitment!

Why not start using the Tuunix Worktime right away?

Registration disabled at the time, please email us for free login

Free test perioid is 30 days, no credit card needed

laatutakuu animaatio

Quality assurance (in finnish: Laatutakuu)

Tuunix worktime is a long-term development result and have been also tested and used for several months.
Therefore, we promise to maintain quality of service as we require ourselves from the services we use.   -Jukka, Tuunix Oy


Do you want to know details of some feature, or customize the program to be more suitable for your company?
Please feel free to contact us to find out!